The Gianelli family has controlled Atlanta’s slow but steady Mafia activity for years. Atlanta’s mobsters make their nuyen mostly by running the smuggling activity coming north from the Caribbean League and lending muscle for the corporate skirmish- es that go on in the Caribbean shadows.

The Gianellis also serve as Mob “ambassadors” to the CAS government, but they’re not nearly as effective as Don Victor in DeeCee.

  • > The Gianellis are getting complacent. Look for some trouble to start in Atlanta when old Don Gerold (“Twofer”) finally loses his grip on life; the man’s already ninety-one years old and only the mira- cles of modern medicine are keeping him alive. His son and heir, Harold (“Sweetheart”), is a brutal loser with none of his father’s panache. Odds are he’ll be ousted in favor of his younger cousin, Leonard, or he’ll start a gang war and die in the first week.
  • > Peachy-K


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