Ognan Crane

Gentleman adventurer, lover of wine, song and women!


Face, Shaman, support magic, uses spirits rather than combat spells for combat.

DOB: January 16th, 2012
Age(in 2050): 38
Height: 6’2"
Weight: ~160lbs.
Appearance: Tall and slim, somewhat West European features, amber eyes

  • Auburn, shoulder-length hair, slicked back, right side shaved
  • Old London-style suit and coat, frilled cuffs and frilled puff tie
  • Uses a wand for his magic, waving it rhythmically like a conductor’s baton. Particularly when summoning spirits – he may as well be leading an orchestra.

Born in LA to unknown parents.
Knowledgeable about gangs and organized crime.
Speaks excellent Japanese and a bit of Russian.
Skilled leader, negotiator, businessman.
Has traveled quite a bit: LA, Manhattan, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta.
Aspires to be a fixer and information broker.
Smile permanently affixed to his face. If it ever vanishes, watch out.
Always looking to make friends… particularly ones in a position to help him out. But he does treat his connections as well as he can.
Doesn’t speak of his ex-wife and child. He doesn’t make a big deal of it if the group knows, but he keeps that information well away from anyone else.

Ognan Crane

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