The Way things Are

Yankees and professors talk about how what hammered us down here was the Crash. Not really, the crash just finished it. What really got us was when “our people” changed way back in the Awakening.

Goblinization was the big thing we never got over. Families who could trace their parents back six or seven or more generations, who lived in the same house or at least town as their way back whens, were suddenly different because one was an orc or a troll and another still human. It was the War again, family against family, and it broke everything apart. Each side would fight bloodily, destroying a helluva lot in the process, and the winner would get everything that was left while the loser got nothing but his life ­­ if he survived.

For a lot of reasons the winner tended to be the unchanged. And we had a new nig… sorry, downtrodden to walk upon. Heck, for a while we tried to say they weren’t even people, just like we’d done to others a few generations back.

Bottom line of all this is that there was, and is, a lot of anger and resentment. The winners think the losers should have been more graceful in their loss. The losers are pissed at being held and forced to act as less than people. Trust rarely goes past the racial border. There are exceptions, usually bought with blood unless one of them’s an outsider ­ a yank or a foreigner ­ but they’re not common. Oh, we’re past the bloodletting, mostly, and so we’re polite and friendly. And never ever turn our backs or get too far from a weapon. And always, always remember who did you wrong.

Anyway, the main thing is that when that yankee made his almanac, and that other yankee made his guide, they didn’t really pay attention to the southerners telling them how things were down here.

There are no big neighborhoods. If you look you’ll see that every few blocks, not more than a dozen kilometers or so, everything changes. It goes from poor orks to poor trolls to poor dwarves to poor elves, sometimes to poor humans. If it’s a more or less middle class place the same thing happens.

If it’s rich it’s human to human to human, with the occasional elf. Never a troll or an ork, don’t care HOW rich they are. Unless you get out to the mountains round Dahlonega and Ellijay. There, it’s all about the money. If you can afford the compound nobody cares.

The Way things Are

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