The Game

Shadowrun is a sci-fi and fantasy crossover set in a cyberpunk age with the addition of magic, and meta races.

The game I propose is a combination of a high arching plot mixed with smaller story arcs that in some ways resembles the old style TV series seasons. Each mission or task will be an episode hopefully building up to a grand final event. Each episode will probably span multiple sessions.

The game will be rated PG-13.

There may be times when some topics dip a little deeper in the rating scale. I will try to warn people before that happens if it happens. Using themed cursing is expected and desired when thematically appropriate. Cursing and foul language in general is not acceptable.


  • Sessions will occur weekly Thursdays beginning at 7:30pm and go until 10:30pm.
  • Depending on the tone of a session I as a GM might offer the distribution of a small amount of Session Karma. Once allocated by the GM players will have to decide how it is distributed to characters, NPCs, etc. Yes, you can give Karma to NPCs. If they are a contact this could eventually improve them.
  • It is possible (and likely) to have an entire session where characters are interacting with each other and not actively going on a Shadowrun.


  • Combination of several sessions that ends with the completion of a plot event.
  • Karma is distributed at the end of an Episode.


  • Unless locked into an episode time line time in this game will move ahead without player involvement.
  • I try to represent “the ordinary life” of a runner with down time. Saving game sessions for the more exciting times in a characters life.
  • Down time is when a character uses Karma, makes repairs, purchases, has work done, etc.
  • That said know that some sessions will involve downtime events.

Around Town Sessions

  • Some sessions will be more about character and world building than a shadow run or mission.
  • These sessions will include downtime level things and players will be able to have their characters interact with each other and the world around them.
  • Sessions like this can be used by the GM to move plot points forward or move characters into a position to receive future jobs, deal with qualities, etc.


  • Currently the only book available for game play is the core 5th Edition Rules.
  • Additional books and materials may be added and available during game play.

The Game

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