The movers and shakers if you will

Political Parties:


Organized Crime:

  • The Mafia – The Kozlowski Family (NOLA) Represented by Jimmy “The Greek” Mossino (Capo Famiglia),
  • Gambione Family (Miami), Carlo Gambione (Florida) Capo Regime
  • The Black Wing Triad (BTLs, Snuff Sims, Forgery, old school narc), allied with Yellow Dragon in Savannah
  • The Ghost Cartels (Drug Suppliers-Olaya, works with Ancients & Gambione)
  • The Tamanous (Focused on the Dome & Oakland)
  • The Krasniy Nozh (Red Knives) Russian Vory, led by a group of Serbians and the Dragovich brothers, Ivan and Pavel (Hartsfield Area)

Major Gangs:

  • The Ancients
  • The Cocotona
  • The Cutters
  • The Disciples

Minor Gangs:

  • The 285 Killahz
  • The 666 Tong
  • The Razors
  • The Rebel Devils
  • The Swords
  • The ATL Anonymous (Matrix)


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