Actors Wanted

Character Creation

Creating a character is both a individual and a group activity. Our goal as players is to build a team of successful Shadowrunners. To that end it is my desire to build a team that on paper has worked well together in the past and is a well (or somewhat at least) oiled machine.


We will meet for the first session and discuss the type of games and divide our needs and wants as players and distribute the needed and optional roles as best we can among us.

Functional Characters

  • You will NEED functional characters that are good at more than just one thing.
  • Characters with personality, history, and built around a concept is preferred
  • Think optimized over being min-maxed.
  • There is no dump stat or skill. Everything could be important.
  • Remember that defaulting on a test is a -2 penalty instead of the standard -1.
  • Team work, contacts, and the right knowledge skills at the right time are very important to your success with my GM style.

Playing your character

I always request demand that you play your characters stats, knowledges, skills, and history. I will question any concepts, plans, or ideas presented by a player if I don’t feel their character would have been able to come up with it. I reserve the right to regularly give bonus and negatives for tests based on this concept of staying in character and being on the level of how the character is built. The more you RP as your character the better Karma rewards as well.

Additional Tidbits

  • No character will start with a lifestyle above middle.
  • No character can start with a contact at a combined total higher than 7.
  • We wil create Street level characters just working their way out of the streets and into the shadows.

Additional Qualities from previous editions of Shadowrun

Positive Qualities

  • None have been added at this time.

Negative Qualities

In Debt – Bonus: 5 to 25 Karma

The character is indebted to a third party, usually an under-world syndicate, large gang or corporation, chosen by the player with GM approval. For every 5 Karma taken, the character receives an extra 5000¥ at character creation; this money can be above and beyond the normal cap for gear. The character then owes their creditor that much plus another 50 percent. The amount owed increases 10 percent every month, as compound interest. If the character is unable to pay at least the interest amount each month, the creditor may send someone looking for them.

Day Job – Bonus 5, 10, or 15 Karma

A Day Job burdens a character with responsibilities and time constraints. While there are some advantages, such as stable income, a Day Job is a hindrance with the shadowrunning profession. The table below offers guidelines for salary and hours. The gamemaster and player can work out actual restrictions and hours of the character’s profession. The character must be a SINner or possess a fake SIN.

  • 5 Karma – 1,000¥ a month and works 10 Hours
  • 10 Karma – 2,500¥ a month and works for 20 Hours
  • 15 Karma – 5,000¥ a month and works for 40 Hours

Actors Wanted

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